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Books I read this year: 2023 edition

Another year, another reasonable reading hall. A year reading is a year well spent. I completed 41 books this year and abandoned 5. That’s a completed book every 8.9 days. 6 of these books were physical, the rest were Kindle or other digital formats. I’m happy with the time I invested into reading this year, but I tended to focus more on quantity than quality. Next year I’ve set out a clearer path focused on books that I judge to be larger but more valuable time investments, favouring slower, deeper readings.

📅 Thu, December 28th 2023

Utopia for Realists, by Rutger Bregman

Less utopian, more evidence-based-and-undeniable, the world outlined by Bregman has a change in political mindset as much as a change in policy. It feels both within grasp and, in light of the political realities, highly unlikely. What’s a “Realist”? As well as the policy changes for which Bregman advocates, the meta-argument he makes throughout the book is that policy decisions today are made on the basis of assumption (or prejudice) and ideology.

📅 Mon, October 30th 2023

Book: Politics on the Edge

Rory Stewart, today of podcasting pseudo-fame, was previously best known for walking across Afghanistan & pretending to take selfies in a London park. An MP from 2010 to 2019, on the surface he sounds like the kind of Tory destined for power: Eton & Oxford educated, officer in the armed forces, well read. Yet this book highlights exactly why Stewart did not find the heights of success in conventional British politics, and perhaps why we wish he had.

📅 Sun, October 15th 2023