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series: week-notes

Notes for the week ending Sunday 24th September 2023

An odd week this one, we went from 25 degrees to 10 degrees celsius, from clear skies to terrential rain. This period of changes continues. 🎉 Work Onsite & Social: Our 2-squad team had our quarterly onsite this week. Always nice to have everyone in the same room honing in on what we’re tackling for the rest of the year. Spin the Wheel CLI: Having volunteered to run the ice-breaker I was disappointed by the existing range of “spin-the-wheel” online tools.

📅 Sun, September 24th 2023

Notes for the week ending Sunday 17th September 2023

I decided recently I had room for a new hobby, and chose to give Karting a go. Like most of the good ideas that come to me, this really came from...

📅 Sun, September 17th 2023