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# Pension Contribution, Tax & Take Home Calculator

I built this to help visualise the impact of pension contributions on the allocation of income, how much tax you can save, etc.

I’ve done my best to make this accurate, based on 2023/2024 UK Government Tax Rates, but I can’t promise exactitude, so please treat this as indicative only.

This is NOT financial advice, and you should seek independent financial advice before taking any decisions.

The tool is by no means feature complete. For example:

Tweet me if there's anything you think might be useful, and I will add it if I can.

Here's how changing your pension contribution will impact your tax & take home pay


Select a pension contribution to see how it affects your salary and what you pay in tax


Here's how your pension from a salary could grow over time, with different contribution %s, based on a % interest rate and a starting pot of £