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One Perfect Saturday

Beau Miles is a wholesome inspiration. 5 years ago, he ran a marathon one mile per hour, filling the gaps with a whole host of practical tasks. He made this video about it. I watched that video last Wednesday and thought “I should do that”. The running appealed to me, but getting stuff done REALLY appealed to me. I didn’t have the inclination, time or energy to run 26 miles though, so I halved it, running 13 miles over 13 hours, and getting tonnes done in between.

📅 Sun, November 19th 2023

Some Day Syndrome

When you’re younger it’s all “Not now” and “Once you’ve done your homework” and “That’s too expensive” and “Next time”. I woke up a legal adult with these phrases ringing in my ears and no fun scheduled. A bit of delayed gratification is good for you, but 20 years? I hearby give myself, and you if you need it, permission to have fun, now. What’s more, spend money on it, if you want to.

📅 Thu, October 19th 2023